I've been asked a number of times to describe my setup so here goes:

8 - 220 watt Grid Tied Panels wired in a series/parrallel configuration. (I'm nowhere near the grid but the price was right)

8 - Trojan T105 RE batteries wired in a series/parrallel configuration for 24 volts.

Charge Controller - Morningstar Tristar 60 (sweet unit!)

Inverter - Outback GFX1424. 24v 1400w unit.

Battery monitor - Bogart Trimetric 2025. (a MUST HAVE!)

Miscellaneous connectors, fittings, wiring etc... Yes, I know, my wiring is a mess! My intention was to rewire once everything was working properly. Everything IS working perfectly so I've been afraid to mess with it!
If it aint broke.....

What will my system power? Everything but AC.

Full size refrigerator.
Full size desktop computer system with external hard drives and satellite internet modem.
Security system with 7 IR cameras.
700w microwave.
Since I live in an RV, it powers both 12v and 110v systems.
2 tv's. (one in bedroom and one out on the deck)
Dishnet DVR.
Water pumps. 12v and 110v pumps.
Stereo system.
All power tools, chop saw, table saw, misc. hand power tools, etc..., except my big air compressor and my washing machine.
All charging stations for phone, tablet, vacuum cleaner, etc...
Backup generator. Honda 3000

Initial cost, 6k. After Solar Tax Credit, 4k. No labor costs as I built the system myself.

Thank you HandyBobSolar for the expert advice I found in your blog. Could not have done it otherwise.

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